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Showoff Dance Fitness

Specially choreographed for all ages  abilities to enjoy safely TOGETHER!


A class where size, sex, age and ability doesn't matter as we all share the same objective, to come together, have fun and keep fit whilst learning some excellent dance moves.


This class is brilliant if you fancy a workout!
Nobody leaves this class dry!!


If you like Zumba, you will LOVE Showoff Dance fitness.


You get out of it, exactly what you put in, so age and ability is irrelevant, EVERYONE is welcome.


No need to find a babysitter, Showoff Dance Fitness is a brilliant way to spend time with the family, parents are more than welcome to bring their children to join in or sit on the side.


This class regresses back to the true origins of all dance incorporated fitness classes, before Zumba or any major umbrella companies created the craze, with a real inspiration from good old 'Dancersize.'


Liam Abram the founder of Showoff Dance says:

"Dance Fitness is similar to Zumba, but with one main difference:

It is a non-stop hour using my own choreography and my own track choices with songs you will know & routines you will enjoy with no Aerobics!!! JUST DANCE!!!"


The class includes various dance styles such as:

• Street / Urban / Hip-Hop

• Jazz

• Modern Disco

• Bollywood

• Musical Theatre

• Jive & Rock & Roll

• Charleston

• Salsa & Flemenco

• And many more


An hour of easy to follow routines which have been created to get the heart pumping, sweat dripping and pounds dropping.


The class is great fun, a brilliant workout and a fantastic way to make new friends.


Feel free to bring anyone, even if it is just for support, first classes are always daunting, but don't be surprised if your friend ends up being just as hooked as you.


Suggested Clothing

• Sweatpants

• Leggings

• Comfortable breathable teeshirt

• Vest / Tank Top

• Trainers


Don't Forget - the most important thing of all, bring a bottle of water and a small towel.


We have such a lovely range of people at Showoff Dance Fitness. Some big, some small, a great range of abilities and we all have an absolute blast together, laughing and joking. You will fit in no problem. New starters are always welcome.


Come and give it a go.



Look at the Fantastic Feedback we get More on our Testimonial Page


"I have lost 34 and a half pounds in 8 weeks"

So far I have lost 34 and a half pounds in 8 weeks and am feeling fitter, younger and most of all happy again. Joining Showoff Dance was the best thing that I ever did for myself.  Before I never went out unless I had to and I was so unhappy with myself.  I feel as if I have been brought back to life. Not only are the routines incredible and so much fun, but I’m now proud to be part of something. I was so nervous when I first walked in but everyone made me feel so welcome, I never feel out of place.

Bernadette S


"I never imagined the impact Showoff Dance would have on my life"

I started just over a year ago so that I could do some physical exercise and improve my fitness.  I have done all this and more. I never imagined the impact Showoff Dance would have on my life. Liam always makes classes fun and there is no pressure to be perfect.  I feel I have grown as a person since I met Liam and all the people who I have met; Showoff Dance really is like a family.

Vicky W


"The best fitness classes I have ever joined."

Show off dance is the best fitness classes I have ever joined. It is fun, interesting, and there is a lot more choreography involved than other fitness classes, not to mention that Liam is such a fun person to learn from and dance with, he makes us laugh all the time.

Ariel W


"Fantastic and innovative"

Myself and my daughter both attend Showoff Dance fitness, which makes exercising fun for both of us and is something we can both do together. Showoff dance is a fantastic and innovative way in which dance is taught.

Donna S

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