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Showoff Dance Tiny Tots

Boys & Girls aged 0-4yrs


Perfect for parents who want their children to be introduced to music, rhythm and movement at an early stage. We ensure to captivate and involve the children in a fun session of music and dance, encouraging the children to follow instruction, create shapes and movement, and with the use of music allow rhythm to be introduced at an early stage of their lives.


Dance is a way to channel a child’s endless amount of energy, which is irrespective of culture or ethnicity.

Of course there are the physical benefits Dance can have on a child but also dance offers numerous other benefits.

Early year’s dance experience will help children with:


•         Developing body control

•         Co-ordination

•         Balance

•         Spatial awareness.


It is also a way for children to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal manner. Dance will have a great impact on a child’s personal, social and emotional skills from an early age, as they develop friendships, build trust and work as part of a team.


Please Note:

Parental Participation is encouraged so please bring suitable clothing.






Showoff Dance Tikes & Showoff Dance Kids

Tikes - Boys & Girls aged 4-6yrs
Kids - Boys & Girls ages 6yrs+


A great class for the kids who want to learn to dance for fun, without the stress, strain expense of doing examinations and competitions.

Due to the nature of living in a Garrison it is understandable that living arrangements are constantly changing, which makes Showoff Dance Kids perfect for those parents who want to let their kids enjoy an activity over a short or long term.

Rather than focusing on one dance style I like to fuse various styles of dance into the children's choreography so that they can learn a wider spectrum of dance technique encouraging them to push their abilities and progress in all disciplines.

I do push the children to their limits, and challenge them with difficult choreography, and insist that they practice at home. With regular breaks, our kids classes are tiring, fun and a great way for the kids to feel part of a team.






Showoff Dance Advanced Kids Class

No age limit


Fast paced, challenging and technically the hardest kids class that we teach, designed to expand the knowledge of dance and performance skills in a hours class of complicated technique and choreography.

This class pushes it's pupils physically and mentally working on core, flexability and attention to detail.

We do keep the class fun, as ultimately this is a kids class but this class offers a strictness that can only be resonated from an advance dance class.

The choreography for this class sways mainly in the direction of contemporary, jazz and street dance, although we do introduce various other styles into the choreography to keep the learning experience fresh and exciting for the children.

We operate an invitation only policy with the class and insist that all children must attend a kids class first so we can assess them and offer them a place in our advanced kids class.



Look at the Fantastic Feedback we get

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"No wonder his classes are so popular"

Our 6 year old son attends Liam's weekly class.  We cannot believe the difference in our child!  He loves to show us his dance moves and often bursts into a routine while we're out.  He has dyslexia, and the classes helped no end. We are a military family and Liam is a super teacher and role model for young children - he is firm but fair and is very positive.  No wonder his classes are so popular.

Anna H


"As soon as he steps foot into your class I notice the change in him straight away"

My son is currently under assessment for Aspergers , he has emotional and social difficulties. As soon as he steps foot into your class I notice the change in him straight away. He gives a 100% and you always give praise when needed. Classes are well structured, fun and age appropriate. He is always asking if it’s dancing night. Thanks for giving him the extra confidence and having the patience with him.

Philippa N


"No term fees!!"

Showoff dance is good as you do not have to commit to paying term fees, paying monlthy is so much more affordable.

Amy P


"Makes you feel happy"

Showoff Dance makes us feel happy, and gives us more experience with different dance moves. It is a great dance group as everyone is different and welcoming and end up learning a dance. We also enjoy the music.

Sian & Erin P

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