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"Showoff Dance is for all people of all ages and all abilities"

My daughter has an acquired brain injury and has limited mobility. This has made no difference as she joins in where she can and really enjoys the class. Liam and the group are warm and welcoming and he embraces her attendance. Liam truly does believe Showoff Dance is for all people of all ages and all abilities. Before her brain injury my daughter loved music and dancing and now can once again enjoy it, lose weight and get fit in a fun environment. Showoff dance has demonstrated such a refreshing attitude, thanks Liam!

Alison C


"Confidence had grown immensely"

I have a young man who attends show off dance, this has been so beneficial for him in so many ways learning how to:- work with other children, concentration, coordination and listening skills which benefit him both socially and academically, his confidence had grown immensely. Liam has so much patience with the children and you can see how much they all enjoy the sessions, I always stay to watch and enjoy the progress the children make.

Kim C


"You don't really see many mixed dance classes"

Being in the army and moving around, I thought this would be another club my wife and children would join and not stick with it, but how wrong was I? My children and wife go twice a week. I think the dance fitness is amazing. I have no problem in telling my friends about this, When away on exercise, and my wife is working someone will always come and collect my children, so they don’t miss out. You don't really see many mixed dance classes, and its great the way that Liam welcomes men & women into the class. One of my daughters is not a very active person, but she is one of the first in the house to be in the car waiting to go.

Jeff D


"Gives you the confidence to express yourself"

Showoff Dance is invigorating and makes you feel alive!  I have tried exercise classes and never stayed the course but with this, I can't wait until the next class. Liam's makes you believe you can dance; he gives you the confidence to express yourself without feeling you’re making a fool out of yourself.  I can enjoy a class with my child and practice dance moves together which has made the bond far greater between us. Showoff Dance feels like one big family and I have made many friends.

Carole H


"Bursting with energy"

Show off dance is the best thing! It's bursting with energy, friendly and fun! Liam is a wonderful talented teacher! All three of my children absolutely love it! My son used to struggle with his confidence but now because of Showoff Dance he thrives on it! Totally changed him!

Nikki M


"Boundless enthusiasm"

I have been very impressed with your commitment to teaching and your boundless enthusiasm. You offer a very comprehensive choice of lessons for all ages and abilities and very good value for money. The girls have enjoyed their classes which have inspired me to start your beginner’s class; it’s been a great experience as you are so patient with those not so confident in ability and classes are recorded and sent to individuals for practicing at home.

Tracy C


"My fitness levels have increased dramatically"

I have been dancing with Showoff Dance for over a year and I absolutely love it and my fitness levels have increased dramatically.  Having danced many styles, in many studios over the years I believe Liam is the best teacher I've had. His passion for what he does is inspiring and we feel proud to dance alongside him. My daughter has recently joined and we enjoy learning the routines and techniques with Liam and practising them at home together. His classes are getting extremely popular with different ages, genders and abilities. We've all become very much a family.

Georgina T


"Since joining, my daughter has come out of herself a great deal"

Being a military wife it’s hard to find activities our children will enjoy and stick to. Since joining, my daughter has come out of herself a great deal.

She looks forward to coming to dance every week, she talks continuously about how amazing Liam is, it’s all I hear her talk about on the phone to her dad when he’s away.

Lorraine H


" I think he is fantastic dance teacher"

My daughter is 3 years 9 months. She has always been  shy but since going to Showoff Dance, Liam has really helped encouraging her to join in and stand with the group.  Rather than sit and/or dance right in front of me.  She comes home and shows her father and brother what she has done who then join in. Liam repeats and adapts routines for all the children. I think he is fantastic dance teacher.

Carrie G


"we are able to dance and spend quality time with each other doing something we both thoroughly enjoy"

As a mum I have always supported my daughter, especially in dance because it is my passion too. The more rehearsals I observed and performances I attended the more I became keen to get my dancing feet moving again. Liam has created a dance school that welcomes anyone and everyone who wants to dance whatever their ability. Showoff Dance students are extremely welcoming and friendly and this is something Liam is keen to promote and leads by example. Therefore I now attend dance with my daughter.

It is fantastic that we are able to dance and spend quality time with each other doing something we both thoroughly enjoy.  it, in fact I miss it when I'm unable to attend! The routine's Liam choreographs are amazing, challenging and fun. The team spirit he has created is wonderful.

Clare S


"You don't feel embarrassed or not included, and we’re like one big dancing family"

I have the best time and always look forward to dance. My mum also comes to classes with me. It’s nice for us to spend time together doing something we both enjoy and it’s brought us closer.  Everyone is so kind, you don't feel embarrassed or not included, and we’re like one big dancing family. Now, I’m more confident and a better dancer. The way Liam teaches the choreography makes it easy to learn and he has inspired me to try different styles & techniques.

I used to do freestyle which was repetitive and limiting but Liams classes are different and unique.

I like dancing with everyone, and performing in the shows is an amazing experience.

Laura S




And a couple of Testimonials from local professional organizations.



I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your team of dancers are!  I have seen the odd performance around at various occasions and have always been cheered by their energy and enthusiasm.  However, I was recently one of the invited guests at one of your performances.  It was a fantastic evening all together but I was very excited to see the performance by your dance school, Showoff Dance.

 It was thrilling, and I could not believe the varying age groups who performed both separately and as a whole. It was also obvious that you encourage not only those with dance ability but also those who dance for the sheer joy of dancing.  It was also particularly pleasing to see the young lads getting ‘down with the beat’ and stealing much of the limelight!  I am encouraged to see that a local young man is driven enough to run such a business as this in our very complex community.  Sometimes our people need to be able to take part in activities for pure pleasure and remove themselves from the sometimes difficult situations our families can find themselves in.

It will be fantastic to see the youngsters perform once again.

I wish your dance school all the very best for the future and I will support and help you with your project as much as I am able.  Best wishes for the future.


Councillor Mrs CJ Kemp

Chair, Community Engagement committee

Tidworth Town Council





Liam has been working with the Tidworth community and surrounding villages for the last 3 – 4 years introducing young and older people into various modes of dance. His vision is to foster an all inclusive dance project to integrate military and civilian people, from all walks of life and all different ages.  He has successfully done this through his sheer hard work and determination to make his classes affordable, fun and interesting. Liam now has a dance company called ‘Showoff Dance’ and his reputation and popularity as a dance teacher has become widely known.


Liam is able to work with all abilities and ages and has excellent choreographic skills in combining all the different dance classes into one when asked to a community performance. This has happened on many occasions with performances in London, Essex, Salisbury and various charity and community events, quite often with very short notice.


Show Off Dance has worked closely with the Army Welfare Service (AWS) in delivering dance sessions for children, teenagers and Tidworth Mums through the AWS multisport and alternative sports session. Liam’s classes are diverse ranging from his youngest dancer who is 1 years old, to his eldest dancer who is 75 which are becoming very popular.


Liam’s community dance vision has had a huge, positive impact on this community, raising self esteem, confidence and fitness levels as well as giving people the opportunity to learn many different dance routines. Liam is a young person who has the determination, motivation, personality and drives to give this community many opportunities in dance.


Joyce Stretton

Play Youth and Community Development Worker

Army Welfare Service



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