The choreography in all of our adult classes sway mainly in the direction of contemporary, jazz and street dance but personally we think it's boring just doing one style of dance which is why all of our classes learn many different styles of dance throughout the year, the list truly is endless. That way we can keep our classes fun and exciting and ensure our shows are varied and unique every year. Our adults are always excited to find out what style of dance they will be learning next and we love keeping it secret.


We truly believe dance should be fun and open to all ages and abilities which is why we have decided not to participate in entering our adults into exams, instead we encourage them to enjoy their classes and find their love in dance without any added stress..

Showoff Dance Beginners

The class designed for any beginner or anyone who has a little dance experience.

Unisex choreography for all ages and abilities and a fantastic class for adults who would like to learn a routine gradually rather than (or as well as) the intensity of Showoff Dance Fitness.

We try and bring as much choreographic influence and style into each routine as to show a variation of moves and challenge everyone to something they would not usually attempt.

This class is one of the most socially appealing classes as everyone encourages each other, and keeps the moral boosted. Come with a friend, or come by yourself, our beginners class promises a positive atmosphere allowing anyone that attends to make a bunch of new friends, have fun and keep fit.

The choreography is constantly changing, offering alternative moves for those who find it difficult or for those who want to be pushed, which enhances the overall look of the routine.

Everyone leaves the class smiling, with a sense of achievement and feeling a part of something special.

Showoff Dance Intermediate
Adults and Mature Teens

The dance class designed for those who fancy a bit more of a challenge.

We use a mixed level of choreography to ensure that both beginners, as well as those who have experience and fancy something a little more difficult are pushed.

Using different styles and genres of choreography this class gives each dancer the option to try something new and enjoy learning various techniques.

This class pushes the individual to not knowingly break a sweat, mainly because they are having too much fun.

These sessions are full of energy, and a great way to get to know new people whose enthusiasm is infectious.

Though the class is a little more difficult it is encouraged and open to all ages and abilities to give it a go.

Showoff Dance Advanced

The dance class designed for those who want to be pushed hard.

These classes are designed to expand your knowledge of dance and performance skills in an hour’s class involving choreography which is most definitely more complex.

This class is not recommended for anyone with serious muscular problems or painful physical injuries due to amount of floor work and need to hold your own bodyweight.

This class encourages its pupils to push themselves physically and mentally, working on core, flexibility, technique and challenging movement patterns. Though fun, and not too serious this class does offer a strictness that can only come with an advanced dance class.

This class is aimed for participants with dance experience or are returning to dance, but still opens the option for the complete beginner to attend with the expectations to learn in a more advanced environment.

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