We understand that Showoff Dance Smash Out is a performing arts based experience, and generally all children participating in such activities are energetic, creative and extremely lively, it is for this reason we have put the following rules into place to allow the children to have fun and enjoy the sessions to the maximum potential whilst ensuring the class is kept under control and respective of all participants.

We ask that you read WITH your children the following ‘Behaviour Rules and ‘Discipline
Plan’ and BOTH you and your child sign in agreement.


Each student shall:


 1.  Be prepared for the day.

This means have the required items needed for the day


2.    Respect all members of staff

When a member of staff is talking, stop talking, listen and be ready to begin an exercise when asked. Follow any given instructions when they are given to you by a member of staff. This also applies to all helpers and substitute teachers who must be given the same respect as you would your regular teacher.


3.    Respect others and their property

Keep your hands to yourself, fighting and bullying is strictly prohibited at Showoff Dance Summer Smash Out. Don’t steal and don’t play with objects such as mobile phones, balls or toys brought from home unless given permission by the group leader at break times.


4.    No mobile phone

Showoff Dance Summer Smash Out is about having fun, and being creative which is why we have a strict no mobile phone policy, mobile phones are to be put away at the beginning of every day for safe keeping, they can be used at breakfast and lunch however must be turned off and put away for the rest of the day until the day is over unless specifically needed for an exercise.


5.    Listen to what others are saying

Class discussion is an important part of Summer Smash Out. Do not make fun of, or upset another student when they are trying to talk, perform, or ask a question.


6. Make an honest attempt to cooperate and participate in all activities

Taking part is important if you want to get the most out of Summer Smash Out, all activities have been designed to ensure you have fun and learn something new. If you are not able to take part in an activity you must inform a member of staff immediately and they will try to find an alternative activity for you to do.


7.   Never use offensive or objectionable language

NO SWEARING! The members of staff at Summer Smash Out do not use foul language and we do not expect to hear it from you either!


8.    Ask to go to the toilet

For your own safety we need to know where you are at all times. Ask a member of staff if you need to use the toilet and you will be excused. You may go to the bathroom when needed but this is not to be taken advantage of to avoid activities when it suits.


9.  Use common sense

We expect you to show respect for all members of the class. If you are not sure if something is allowed, ask. Use the appropriate behaviour at the appropriate time and refrain from talking excessively or at inappropriate times or adding comments which are not relevant to the discussion or exercise.



Each discipline situation is unique. Consequences may change depending on the situation however choosing not to follow these rules will result in the following: 


1. A warning. Warnings may be verbal, non-verbal or written.


2. Set aside from class and not allowed to participate.


3.    Phone call home.


4.    Conference with parents/guardians.


5.    Repetitive and severe disruptions will result in a student being removed from Showoff Dance Summer Smash Out and will not be allowed to attend any future sessions. A refund will not be given under any circumstance.


The above guidelines are minimum requirements to maintain a fun, positive learning atmosphere at Showoff Dance Summer Smash Out. If these rules are followed correctly it will allow the following:


 1.   You will have more time to complete all of the fun activities we have planned for you at Showoff Dance Summer Summer Smash Out.


2. You will learn new things and have good day every day at Showoff Dance Summer Smash Out


 3. You will have the best experience and enjoy Showoff Dance Summer Smash Out so much more.