Showoff Dance, Act & Sing

Our 2-hour musical theatre class

for kids aged 6yrs+

Showoff Dance Act & Sing is a unique class for ages 6yrs up to pre and current GCSE students.

Our class doesn’t just concentrate on pre written scripts and songs of the known and popular, we also give our pupils the option to create, make and direct their own work. With specific lessons on how to write a script, put together their own songs and create their own choreography giving our young professionals the tools they need to ‘be their own artist’ and develop their confidence to perform in front of an audience.

We will introduce, develop and study various primary art forms, such as:

  • dance
  • music
  • song
  • theatre
  • musical theatre
  • physical theatre
  • devised theatre
  • mime
  • spoken word
  • puppetry
  • recitation
  • vocal coaching
  • improvisation
  • And so much more

We also believe that it is important for pupils not only to learn what happens in front of the curtain but also behind the scenes and to experience what goes on in the making of a theatre production, as well as how to adapt their appearance, with costumes and stage makeup.

With the use of our fully qualified, insured and extremely experienced teachers Showoff Dance, Act & Sing is an exciting addition to our weekly timetable and we look forward to exploring the limits of our pupil’s imagination.

Introductory Trial Period

If a new starter wishes to participate in a “trial period” the cost of any remaining individual sessions of the month must be paid upfront when joining to secure their space. Unless joining on the final session of the month when the final session must be paid for plus the month ahead in advance. After your trial period all payments will revert to the set monthly class fees.


Please ensure your child arrives to classes wearing comfortable and non restrictive clothing. For example, tracksuit bottoms, T-Shirt, Hoodie and Trainers are fine.

Jeans, Skirts & Trousers & clothing with loose tassels and ties are not suitable. Please keep jewellery to a minimum and ensure very long hair is tied back. 

Please also equip your child with a drink.


A “tuck” shop will be available halfway through the session should your child wish to purchase any sweets, ice creams or cold beverages. We suggest no more than £2 per child.


All individual Dance, Act & Sing Classes will be charged at £40 per child per month.