A class designed for those who want to have fun and keep fit whilst dancing.

You get out of it, exactly what you put in, so size, sex, age and ability is irrelevant, EVERYONE is welcome.

Be prepared to sweat like you have never sweated before as nobody leaves this class dry. This class is brilliant if you want a full body workout!

If you like Zumba, you will LOVE Showoff Dance fitness.

This class regresses back to the true origins of all dance incorporated fitness classes, before Zumba or any major umbrella companies created the craze, with a real inspiration from good old ‘Dancersize.’


“I’ve tried several dance-based fitness classes, unfortunately none of which ticked enough of my boxes and I often left the class feeling like I had just done an hour of aerobics. 
It is for this reason I decided to design my own class, with upbeat choreography to songs we know and love using actual dance steps.
Showoff Dance Dance Fitness is a non-stop hour using my own choreography and my own track choices with songs you won’t be able to stop yourself singing along to and routines you will enjoy with absolutely 

The class includes various dance styles such as:

• Street / Urban / Hip-Hop
• Jazz / Modern
• Disco
• Bollywood
• Musical Theatre
• Jive & Rock & Roll
• Charleston
• Salsa & Flamenco
• And many more

Suggested Clothing

• Sweatpants
• Leggings
• Comfortable breathable tee-shirt
• Vest / Tank Top
• Trainers


The most important thing of all, bring a drink, bring a towel… AND BRING A SENSE OF HUMOUR!

We have such a lovely range of people at Showoff Dance Fitness. Some big, some small, providing a great range of abilities and we all have an absolute blast together, laughing and joking with no judgement. 

You will fit in, no problem and new starters are always welcome.

Come and give it a go but be warned… it is is highly addictive.

Please note this class is very popular and although the waiting

lists may be long, it is well worth the wait.

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