The choreography in all of our kids classes sway mainly in the direction of contemporary, jazz and street dance but personally we think it’s boring just doing one style of dance which is why all of classes learn many different styles of dance throughout the year, the list truly is endless. That way we can keep our classes fun and exciting and ensure our shows are varied and unique every year. Our children are always excited to find out what style of dance they will be learning next and we love keeping it secret.



We truly believe dance should be fun and open to all ages and abilities which is why we have decided not to participate in entering our children into exams, instead we encourage the children to enjoy their classes and find their love in dance without any added stress.


Please ensure your child arrives to classes wearing comfortable and non restrictive clothing. For example, tracksuit bottoms, T-Shirt, Hoodie and Trainers are fine.

Jeans, Skirts & Trousers & clothing with loose tassels and ties are not suitable. Please keep jewellery to a minimum and ensure very long hair is tied back.

Please also equip your child with their own drink.


Showoff Dance Little Kids

Perfect for parents who want their children to be introduced to music, rhythm and movement at an early stage. We ensure to captivate and involve the children in a fun session of music and dance, encouraging the children to follow instruction, create shapes and movement allowing music and rhythm to be introduced at an early stage of their lives.

Dance is a way to channel a child’s endless amount of energy, which is irrespective of culture or ethnicity. Of course there are the physical benefits Dance can have on a child but also dance offers numerous other benefits.

Early year’s dance experience will help children with:

  • Developing body control
    • Co-ordination
    • Balance
    • Spatial awareness.

It is also a way for children to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings in a

non-verbal manner. Dance will have a great impact on a child’s personal, social and emotional skills from an early age, as they develop friendships, build trust and work as part of a team.

Please Note:
To avoid distraction and allow the children to get the most out of their class all children must be left to participate in the class by themselves, parents are not permitted to stay and watch.

Showoff Dance Younger Kids
& Showoff Dance Older Kids

A great class for the kids who want to learn to dance for fun, without the stress, strain and expense of doing examinations and competitions.

Rather than focusing on one dance style we like to fuse various styles of dance into the children’s choreography so that they can learn a wider spectrum of dance technique encouraging them to push their abilities and progress in all disciplines.

We do push the children to their limits, and challenge them with difficult routines and insist that they practice at home. Our kids’ classes are tiring, fun and a great way for all children to feel part of a team.

Showoff Dance Advanced Kids

This class is fast paced, challenging and technically the hardest kids’ class that we teach, designed to expand the knowledge of dance and performance skills in an hour’s class of complicated technique and choreography.

This class pushes its pupils physically and mentally working on core, flexibility and attention to detail acting as a perfect transition between our kids’ classes and adult classes.

We do keep the class fun, as ultimately this is a kid’s class but this class offers a strictness that can only be resonated from an advanced dance class.

As with all of our classes we do introduce various other styles into the choreography to keep the learning experience fresh and exciting for the children.

We operate an invitation only policy with the class and insist that all children must attend a kid’s class first so we can assess them and offer them a place in our advanced kids’ class.

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